What To Know About Auto Loans?

Getting finance for your dream car or just an everyday car requires some thought. Unless your filthy rich, you would need to shop around to find the perfect car and auto loan. However shopping around can get confusing especially with all the rates and hidden charges that you’ll have to pay.

There are many types of auto loans and depending on your situation you will need to apply accordingly. The main types of auto loans are:

  • New / Used car purchased from a dealer
  • Private party loans (private purchases)
  • Auto loan refinancing
  • Bad credit auto loan refinancing
  • Auto lease loans

If you already have bad credit then refinancing or getting a bad credit auto loan will be very costly. On the other hand if you have good credit you can apply for a new car or private party loan. These are the 2 most common loans for people with good credit.

Applying For Loans From Top Lenders

The best thing you can do is get some rates from the top lenders before you start looking at small lenders. Larger lenders tend to give you lower APR% rates plus additional bonuses.

How Is Interest Rates Calculated?

Each auto loan lender will have different requirements. But most lenders will give you an interest rate based on the following details:

  1. Loan amount
  2. Length of loan
  3. Federal interest rates
  4. Credit history
  5. Down payment amount

Keep in mind some lenders for example Capital One Finance have a standard rate of 5.44% if you meet their requirements.

NOTE: Rates listed on this website can slightly different to current rates.

How to get the best auto loan rates when buying a new car or used car. Compare the top lenders and APR% rates before signing up. Application is free of charge.

Auto Loans Comparison Table
Overall Rating new dealer apr% Buy Read Review private party loan % auto refinancing % direct lender tools & features support
Capital One Auto Finance
5.44% N/A 6.95% Yes
5.39% 6.45% 6.40% Yes
Cars Direct
N/A Varies N/A No

Auto Loans Review - Side By Side Comparision