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Cars Direct Review

In today’s world, one can’t expect to live without a car; an integral part of our lives. However, not everyone is in the position to shell out thousands of dollars from their bank account to buy a set of wheels.

The question plaguing most people about auto loas is finding a good lender, or whether they actually exist. We took a look at one such provider, Cars Direct, and were impressed by the simple, yet highly functional web site they have.

Cars Direct Features

While offering top auto loans online, Cars Direct also offer help in finding special manufacturer deals, incentives, and rebates. Out of the many similar services reviewed by us, they are by far the only lender we have come across who offers details. The fact that this exercise can result in savings of thousands of dollars for the customers makes it a very attractive option.

Cars Direct Application Process

Using the internet to their advantage, Cars Direct has made the process of application a very simple one, enabling anybody to apply online. The process consists of filling out some personal information into a short form, and they will take about 30 seconds to process the application. The fact that the form is kept short, and there are no unnecessary details required to be filled, is what makes them different as compared to other lenders.

The only downside is that you'll have to send an application to get their rates.

Unlike many similar online services, Cars Direct does not forward your details to a local dealer to process your loan, and sell you a car. Instead, Cars Direct works directly with major lenders, and thus gives you the advantage of getting some of the best deals available. The perks include zero hassle, and zero annoying sales pitch and unpleasant surprises. The application process, according to us, cannot get better than this.

Quality of Loans From Cars Direct

The focus of the service is to provide auto loans for both new and used car purchases. However, they do not offer auto loan refinancing, or lease buy outs, but do offer new car lease programs. Though they focus on auto financing, the Cars Direct web site is more like a car mall, an all inclusive information resource on the auto finance industry.

Cars Direct Offer Summary

Help & Support

The customer support is provided via phone, and online chat. But our experience with the online chat support was very poor. We connected to their service on two different occasions, and it seemed that a live rep manned the other end. However, on both the occasions, we were asked to stay on “hold”, and were kept like that for over 5 minutes on both occasions, after which we decided to give up. The phone support, however, was a totally different experience. We got through to a rep almost instantly, and the rep was helpful, as well as knowledgeable. They satisfactorily answered all our questions, and even apologized for our experience with the live chat.


Positive Points: Direct lending, fast loan application process, huge resources on the web site

Negative Points: Poor chat service

The overall experience on the Cars Direct web site was a very pleasant one. While other web sites only refer your case to local dealers, Cars direct saves you time and money by cutting out the middleman, and getting you directly engaged with the lenders. The application was very quick, and smooth, and there are a number of loan resources that act as a knowledge base. The web site is ideal for carrying out loan research, with loan calculators, and many other similar resources. In addition, they also help in finding manufacturer deals, and incentives, which results in savings of thousands of dollars. The telephone support is good, but the live chat needs to be worked upon. However, it is undeniably true that Cars Direct is able to stand out from the competition due to their unique offers and infrastructure.

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